Hearing Aids: How long should they be worn?

Getting accustomed to using hearing aids does not happen overnight, and takes some getting used to. However, adjusting to the use of hearing aids can make you wonder how long you should have them on at a time. As you begin the process, it is suggested that you use them for hours daily before you transition into having them on all day. However, it is the wearer’s decision to make about how long they want to have the hearing aids on, and that invariably means that the process from part time use to full-time use is dependent on how fast the user adjusts to them.

A lot of hearing aids users are known to use them as frequently as possible, especially people who are actively involved in social activities. However, as stated earlier, it is a process that requires effort, and may take time before they get to the level of hearing full time. Just like your body takes time to get used to a new exercise routine or learning something new, there is the need to devote effort and time to getting used to hearing aids.

Should They Be On All The Time?

One question that a lot of first-time hearing aid users ask is whether they should wear their hearing aids at all times, and the truth is there is no straightforward yes or no answer to the question because while some people are quick at adapting to their hearing aids, others take their time in adjusting. However, it is important to note that using your hearing aids only when you have a special function to attend, may not help you get the benefits of the device in improving your hearing abilities. Furthermore, for something you’re not used to, they would always be uncomfortable if you only use them on special occasions.

If you wear them more, you will begin to enjoy them in no time, because your brain will start learning to filter the surrounding noise while processing sounds and improving on clarity. Furthermore, apart from learning to identify and differentiate sound, you will also learn to adjust to hearing your own voice. In getting used to the different dynamics associated with wearing hearing aids frequently, you begin to get used to having them on all the time.

In order to adjust fully to wearing your hearing aids all the time, you need to dedicate your time and effort, as you go through the adjustment process of transitioning from wearing them less frequently to having them on all day. If you want to get the most out of your hearing aids, you should not use them only when you wanted to attend social gatherings, because the results could be overwhelming for you, and could also discourage you from using them.

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